Prepaid funerals

At the Well Planned Funeral, you're in the right place to take responsibility for planning your funeral. You're not alone either, as more and more people are doing this rather than leaving it as another stressful task for their loved ones. Whether you leave your own funeral plans or buy a prepaid funeral, the benefits of pre-planning include the following:

  • It reduces the work for your next of kin
  • Friends and family have space to grieve without the worry of stressful decisions and arrangements
  • You might be able to buy a future funeral at current prices
  • You know your wishes have been provided for

Funeral costs are increasing

With funeral directors usually requiring payment before probate is granted, it's vital to make provision for this. This can be done by using one of the following methods to set funds aside (easily accessible by those who will fulfil your wishes) specifically to pay for a funeral:

  • Term life insurance
  • Dedicated savings accounts
  • Other financial products

Prepaid funerals

Alternatively, many people now choose the convenience of a prepaid funeral plan. By paying in advance, all funeral costs are covered and the future effects of inflation can be avoided. At their simplest, prepaid funeral plans should provide for a 'simple basic funeral' as follows:

  • Handling all funeral arrangements
  • Providing suitable professional funeral advice
  • Providing a funeral director and supporting staff
  • Transport to a suitable resting place
  • A simple coffin and shroud
  • Conveyance by hearse to a local crematorium or cemetery
It is vital to research which Funeral Plan suits you best and reputable companies The Co-op and Sun Life Direct amongst others offer plans and advice.

How to choose a reputable funeral plan provider

When arranging prepaid funerals, always choose a reputable provider (a member of a trade association that is part of the Funeral Ombudsman Scheme), study their contract carefully and get satisfactory answers to questions including these:

  • Are your wishes being properly considered
  • Is there a choice of funeral director
  • Are the contract terms fair and reasonable
  • What process will be followed when you die
  • What happens if you die overseas
  • What happens if your chosen funeral director ceases trading
  • Is your money protected properly while invested in your plan
  • What costs are not included in the price of the 'simple basic funeral'
  • Where costs are not included, what are these likely to be

Significantly, the value of funeral plan payments will not be taken into account as savings for the purposes of assessing Pension Credits, Housing Benefit or Council Tax benefit.

Make sure your funeral plans can be found easily

Even with reputable pre-paid funeral plans in place, it's essential that you leave clear instructions for your next of kin. As a member of The Well Planned Funeral, this is quick and easy to do with the online Your Funeral Plan and Wishes product.

Further Points For You to Consider

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